Cranky Food Friends – Mobile iOS/Android Game

Marketing Material For the App Store and Media, Concepts for Logo and App Store Icons

Wide Skyscraper

Inline Rectangle

Inline Rectangle

Large Rectangle

Inline Rectangle

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

These banners accommodated google’s requirements for SWFs to be less than 50KB! That is tiny! I created over 40 banners. The image preparation, layout, and animation was done by myself. This was for an iOS game where I also played a large role creating customizable characters, various UI mostly for the mini-games, ALL character animation, and concept art.

Spellwood – Mobile iOS/Android Game

Website Design and Assets, E-Card Design and Assets, Background Art, Tower Art, Effects Animation, Achievement Icons, Inventory Icons, Premium Letter Square Design, and App Icon Concepts.

Logo Designs

These were one-off designs requested by small businesses.

Book Cover Illustration

Doxology Design requested an illustration done as a religious icon to use for a book about the two Saints. It was very difficult for the publisher to find these two figures in the same icon or separately but of the same style. I followed most iconography rulesets to create this illustration, including laying down darks first and building to the lights on top; although done digitally. Completed within a tight deadline.


Banner and Icon Design

Peace of Grace requested help to create a particular look for her jewelry shop on Etsy. She gave me some photographs of her jewelry with the hope to use her favorite color orange.


Email Message Assets and Animated Emoticons

This was a quick  UI test for Electrotank.  I was given example of a style used by a game and a basic email messaging image. I was to merge the two concepts together for use. I also created some animated emoticons for the messaging system.

Marquee Design

I helped St. Nicholas in Bethlehem with design options for a marquee. The city’s zoning designation required that the sign either be 32 sq. ft. if single sided or 16 sq. ft. double sided. The designs above are double sided as requested with 2 or 3 ft. high supports.


Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

These are assets and UI I had created for mini-games within the main online MMO. A few used several themes depending on where you were or who you would encounter as an enemy. Players would solve these mini-game puzzles to find clues, convince someone blocking the way, unlock doors and advance in the game’s narrative.